one shoulder top, khaki trousers, silver bag, northern magpie
one shoulder top, khaki trousers, wide leg tousers, northern magpie, silver bag
one shoulder top, khaki trousers, wide leg tousers, northern magpie, silver bag 2
one shoulder white top, northern magpie
one shoulder top, khaki trousers, wide leg tousers, northern magpie, silver bag
one shoulder top, khaki trousers, wide leg tousers, northern magpie, silver bag
one shoulder top, khaki trousers, wide leg tousers, northern magpie, silver bag 5

Hello guys and a very happy Tuesday! I'm not going to lie I am currently on countdown until we leave later today for Glastonbury. After the months of waiting since we got tickets in October, I am so excited to be heading back to Worthy Farm in a matter of hours. It's like counting down the hours until Christmas day!! I spent last night packing and arranging my bag but of course, I've had my outfits planned for months ahead and I have lots of exciting content to bring to you guys over the next week. So if you want to see what mischief I get up to at the festival check out my Instagram here. Anyway enough Glasto chat, let's talk about this summer khaki look I have put together here.

When it comes to summer in the past, I have gone full out on the neon clothing and had a wardrobe full of pastel crayon colours. But over the last couple of years, my summer wardrobe has been stripped back to basic colours like white, denim blue and grey. I know that sounds so boring for summer, but these are great building blocks for any outfit and works for me every time. Once you work out your basic colours then you can start adding colours, like I have done here with the khaki.

In the past khaki has been a colour reserved for the winter months sitting next to your blacks and deep reds. But if the khaki colour has a softer tone, it becomes the perfect base for a summer colour. Like with these trousers from Modern Rarity, they have a softer tone and sit perfectly against this one shoulder white top. I picked out these trousers as I loved the fold detail to the front, giving the illusion that it's a skirt up top. They are so lovely and comfortable to wear, although I would advise going down a size. I ordered a size 10 but I could have gone down a size to fit perfectly and still have that slouchy feel to them. I mixed it here by using both gold and silver tones for my accessories, sometimes it doesn't work but I quite like the two tones in my outfit. Let me know your thoughts on this modern khaki outfit and if you are going to Glastonbury and see me, come say hi!

Joey x





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Just a quick disclaimer that for this post I have used affiliate links to all products listed below. This means if anyone wished to purchase an item through one of the links I would be paid a small amount of commission from your sale.

kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie
kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie 2

Happy mid-week guys, I am still in the midst of Istanbul and loving being here. I really enjoy spending time with our Turkey team and actually chatting face to face with them instead of over email. I already know for sure next time I come here for work I will be staying over the weekend to visit more places and do more tourists things. I may even be persuade Joe to head out on a Friday to meet me out here for a weekend of exploring! Being out of the office visiting fabric mills and sourcing techniques always gets my creative juices flowing again. Seeing a fabric or technique gets me excited to design a whole new range! Being creative is my number one passion, I don't mind whether it's designing clothing/graphics or styling outfits, as long as I am being creative I am a very happy girl.

kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie 3
kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie 4
kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie 5
kin by john lewis, jane slater prints, all saints jeans, northern magpie 6

Knowing how much I enjoy seeing a project come together as a whole I always want to support fellow creatives in the same field as me. So when John Lewis asked me to be apart of their SS17 Kin campaign I jumped at the chance to support fellow creative like Jane Slater. This collection is casual meets formal with an artistic twist. The limited edition Kin collection has beautifully painted brush strokes for prints, making you feel like you are wearing a piece of art. The silhouettes are simple but have a very powerful touch to each piece.

I decided to pick out this printed oversized t-shirt and create a look very true to my own style and pair it with some boyfriend jeans. Here the washed jeans sit nicely against the blue tones of the printed t-shirt and to give me some height to this whole I have teamed my chunky wooden heels. I would love to know your thoughts on the collection which I included some key pieces below and on my outfit I have put together.

Joey x





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silk shirt, topshop jeans, ruffle shoes, white bag, northern magpie
pyjama silk shirt, blue wash denim jeans, red ruffle shoes, white handbag, northern magpie
silk pyjama top, topshop jeans, white across the body bag, northern magpie
silk shirt, raw edge denim jeans, red ruffle sandals, northern magpie
silk pyjama top, denim topshop jeans, northern magpie
white handbag, red ruffle shoes, northern magpie, silk pyjama top

Hello guys and happy Monday! This post is coming from a plane journey between London and Istanbul. I am very lucky to be able to travel with my job and visit places I would never normally go. This week is mainly a factory trip, to see how our development samples are made and sourcing new fabrics for my department. I know I have briefly talked about my job before, but if you guys would love more information about what I do let me know. I could possibly give advice for anyone going into the fashion industry as a designer.

Travelling is a massive perk to my job and one I jump at the chance to do when it's offered as you don't know when you might be asked to go again. Even though I'm so busy with work, getting out of the office into a new environment makes me so happy and knowing it's Turkey makes me even more excited as I love visiting Istanbul, mainly for the food and the people. It has such a vibrant feel to the city. I think this time round we will be so busy working but hopefully, next time I come I can write a review of the various places to visit.

As Mondays go it's a good start to the week and a good start to a month of exciting adventures and projects ahead. The first of many projects is talking about this outfit here, well it's talking about this perforated white bag from Paul's Boutique.  This brand has been around for quite a while and it's one that takes me back to my first year of university, when the new Topshop opened in the Arndale and they sold Paul's Boutique there. I remember how popular these bags were with all the girls at uni. With their over the top design and so many key rings hanging off each bag. At the time they were an affordable IT bag for so many girls then all of sudden they slowly disappeared. Well they went away and have come back with a totally new style of bags and had a complete rebrand of Paul's Boutique.

Even though the designs have changed, the quality from this brand is still to a very high standard. As the sun was out yesterday I decided to wear this jazzy Hawaiian style shirt and my raw edge Topshop jeans. The white bag stands out against the bright colours and print, bringing this whole look together. Please let me know what you think of this look and about this Paul's Boutique bag.

Joey x






summer dress, mango dress, sunglasses, northern magpie, joey taylor
large sunglasses, sun dress, mango summer dress, northern magpie, joey taylor
summer dress, mango dress, northern magpie, joey taylor

Hey guys, I can't believe I'm starting another blog post acknowledging yet another awful attack, but as it happened in the city I currently call home I feel like I should say a little bit about it. It was so scary hearing the news breaking whilst we were travelling home after a concert, but after seeing how Manchester came together after what they went through I know London will do the same. This post was meant to go out yesterday but it just didn't feel quite right, so I took the time to spend some quality time with friends! Hope everyone else spent their weekend enjoying it with their nearest and dearest. Anyway back to the post :)



summer dress, mango style, red mules, northern magpie, joey taylor
red mules, northern magpie, joey taylor
large sunglasses, mango summer dress, red mules, northern magpie, joey taylor

I'm sure by now if you have followed me for a while you know how much I love jeans and denim as a whole. My wardrobe makes up over fifty percent denim and when I'm shopping I always look to how I can make pieces work with my jeans. With the change of season, I like to mix up my style and try new pieces of course still in keeping with my style. Of course, when I saw this dress I instantly thought about how it would work over the top of my jeans, but before I even had a chance to style it up with bottoms the weather picked up. So here I decided to wear this summer dress and get some sunshine to my legs.

While online shopping I searched across my favourite stores until I stopped on Mango and found so many interesting pieces that look more high end than some of the other high street stores. I managed to pick up this cold shoulder dress that has that slight Spanish feel and made me feel like I was holiday while I was wandering around London. As for the colour, I knew that my red ruffle mules would sit perfectly against the soft pink and gives this look even more flamenco vibe. Making it the perfect day dress for my holidays, as well as a sunny day in London. I would love to know your thoughts on this dress and how you have been enjoying the sunshine.

Joey x