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Who else is happy to see the back of the snow? I know it’s not tropical weather but at least the mornings are now becoming lighter which is making my walk back from the gym better and I’m not trekking through snow! Even though I’m like a reptile that needs heat on me 24 hours a day I am determined to embrace spring clothing. 

I said in my last post it is all about layering and at the moment I am having a thing for jackets and blazers. I have my eye on the contrast leather and linen piece I featured before, if I’m still thinking about it in a weeks time it might be worth investing in, let me know your thoughts?

Wearing jackets and blazers at this time of year you want to make the most of layering up on your thermals without looking like the Michelin man! It’s all about the secret thin layers that nobody sees. Secretly here I’ve added two tops under my long black rib top so I am able to wear the blazer on its own. For a while now I’ve been drawn towards more tailored pieces, including suits. I really admire women who can pull off a suit, whether it’s a simple black two-piece or the colourful power suits. Feeling very inspired from the street style shots of fashion week, where you can see tones of checked tailoring I decided on purchasing this & Other Stories beautiful checked two-piece suit. This suit has a real masculine 80’s power suit vibe. 

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Some other lovely check blazers.

I just love anything oversized, especially blazers and when you are wearing a fitted top underneath its a really lovely contrast. If I can give you one piece of styling advice for right now it would be to size up when investing in blazers. This means you can wear them over your knits now in spring, but also look chic over t-shirts for the summer.

As I’m quite feeling checks and that from watching the catwalks they are here for the following season, I’ve put some key pieces worth investing in now.

Joey x







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Well ... since my last post talking about the first hit of spring and how excited I was for the slow change in seasons, the 'Beast From The East' went and hit us! I've never experienced or thought I would ever experience snow like it whilst living down in London. I have been snowed twice in my life time - once when I was very little, and then in 2010 when we were snowed in for four days in total. This time around I wasn't exactly snowed in but it did mean my trains into central London didn't run so I had a snow day on the Thursday. Bernard thought this was great news as he got to spend a full day with me, cuddling on my lap while I did work.

So with the change in weather to these arctic conditions I have actually spent the last week wrapped up in not so fashionable clothing and it also felt like the perfect time to take a mini break from social media. I did post a few images on my Insta but in all I wasn't as social as I normally am. Sometimes I find taking time away from blogging and social media makes me miss it but it also makes me think about what content I want to put out there for you guys. So if you were wondering why I hadn't posted in a while on here, it is simply because I needed to take a step back from it all and see the bigger picture. But I'm back now with some great content for you guys and excited for the change in this god damn weather!

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Some other lovely spring jackets.

Starting off with the art of layering for spring. I don't know about you but I've had enough of wearing my winter coats. Don't get me wrong I love my teddy bear coat but I've worn it far too much and now I'm ready for a change. That being said it's still baltic outside, maybe slightly over 10 degrees this week so you still need to keep warm! So to keep myself warm and still being able to wear my newest jackets I've opted for doubling up on my jackets. I was kindly sent a corduroy jacket from Nasty Gal which has a fur trim at the collar, which will be great worn with just a t-shirt in the summer. But for now it makes a great shirt layered over my long sleeve thick rib top. Over the top of that I've bought this oversized safari style jacket for H&M. I can't tell you how much I'm loving all the new season pieces from them, including this jacket. As it's so oversized it fits perfectly over my corduroy jacket.

From now on I will be constantly thinking of ways to style out this cold weather, without turning to my big coat. But don't be surprised if the teddy bear pops up again!

Joey x

P.S. The Beast From The East did make me realise I need to invest in some good walking boots, ones that are good for these cold snaps and more importantly for walking the dog, some stylish ones if possible! So if you can recommend a brand or stylish pair of boots please comment below or DM me.


JACKET (OVER THE TOP) - H&M head into the store for this jacket





  So today I thought I'd bring you guys an old time favourite but never get bored of look. Jeans and a blouse. For my more casual days it's all about the jeans and t-shirt but I'm having a real moment for jeans and blouse. In my last post I featured that beautiful floral blouse with jeans and now I've found this retro Parisian blouse to go with these burnt red jeans for colour block dream look. 

It's official I'm over winter, all I want right now is to not have to wear knitwear to work. I am ready for Spring and I would happily grab it with both arms and give a massive squeeze. Even though we are a few weeks away from it, or dare I say it maybe a month away from spring being sprung, you can definitely feel a change in London. With fashion week just around the corner I fancy changing up my wardrobe adding in some more colour. It's time for us to stock up some springy things. 


Colour blocking isn't anything new but it was heavy featured across the catwalks. Taking a focus towards primary colours right through to the colour of year from Pantone ... lilac. Here I have linked this look and created some other ways to style up colour blocking for the coming season. Let's get our wardrobe ready for the change of season. 

What I've done here is to create a scrolling system, a bit like the one from Clueless. You can scroll through until you find a top to match with some jeans you love. Plus not forgetting the shoes. Do let me know which outfit you loved the most! 

Joey x


The top ...

The jean ...

The boot ...

What I'm wearing.






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Topshop boutique silk blouse, blogging with a full time job, northern magpie, joey taylor 2

Some days I feel like a professional juggler, I'm not even sure if that's a fully recognised profession but I definitely think I'd give them a run for their money! Since I started my blog over three years ago, it has gradually grown over time. I started Northern Magpie when I was in a job that was very quiet and I had time to focus on building a platform and working on my website. Then it all changed when I moved jobs and my role as a designer stepped up. This last year has been amazing for my career but since my workload has increased I've been left with little time to focus on my blog. This has meant strategically fitting things like writing and photography into an already packed day. I know how precious my time is, whether I'm spending it with friends or working on a project, I always want to get the most out of life. Friends and family always ask how I manage a full time job, blog and still have a life at weekends. It honestly comes down to planning and taking advantage of situations that occur from day to day. I thought I'd share how I keep my blog running along side my job.


For me I can be a scatterbrain and a proper creative when it comes to ideas. I have so much going on in my head I have to make notes of what content I want to create for the following week and even month. For me I like to physically write down my thoughts in a notebook or if I'm on the go I quickly get them written down in my notes app on my phone. Sometimes I will get an idea from talking to someone or while I'm in a meeting in work, so have to write them all down before I forget. I would recommend starting a notes page on phone just for blog post ideas.

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Topshop boutique silk blouse, blogging with a full time job, northern magpie, joey taylor 4
Topshop boutique silk blouse, blogging with a full time job, northern magpie, joey taylor 5

Bulk take pictures

As a fashion blogger photos of course play a massive part of my blog and social media channels. Over the years I have learnt that bulk taking photos on a weekend helps me out tones. Planning my outfits so I can take up to 5 outfits on Sunday, means I have enough content to post across my Instagram and blog. Sometimes I pick different areas to photograph my looks, but this mean carting all my clothes across town. The less glamorous side of blogging is the outfit change in pub toilets, cafes and even McDonalds toilets. They didn't tell me about that when I started blogging! If I have a busy weekend ahead I try and fit in a mini photo shoot on my lunch hour. Joe being a good egg will come across town to meet me at work or I'll travel to see him. The aim is always to have enough content to last the week.

Early starts

I get up around 5am and head to the gym for a workout. After my workout I then have around half an hour where I post my first image of the day on Instagram. I spend at least ten minutes to half an hour engaging with my followers, liking and commenting. Thinking about how people head straight for social media apps when they first wake up, I like to make sure my photo is out there for all to see. This doesn't take up a lot of time if you plan it well. With bulk taking images and editing, posting actually only takes a couple of minutes.

Making the most of your commute

Living in London I have quite a commute to work, some days it can take over an hour to get to work. I use this time sat on the tube to write my blog posts, like I said time is precious, so I make the most of these two hours a day to write, edit photos and answer emails.

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Taking advantage of situations

This is a simple one but can help you get ahead with blog work. Anytime you find yourself waiting for a friend, stuck on a delayed train, on long journeys or have a spare hour on your lunch break, take advantage of this! Use this time to research on Tumblr for new outfit ideas, engage with your followers on Instagram or comment on other bloggers blog posts. I find taking advantage of these moments can take you on a journey of inspiration and you end up brainstorming new blog posts and outfit ideas.


The number one thing that keeps this blog going strong against my full time time is the passion and love I have for it. Without that it wouldn't be much fun. You have to want it to make something like a blog work. It's not about working late, it's about working smart. God I sound like a Ted talk but it's so true. For now my blog is my hobby but it doesn't make it any less important than my job. It's important to say how passionate I am about creating content and and I love the fact I can inspire people. This little place I have on the internet is about escapism. Fashion is something I love and want to share with you and inspire you, so I'll carry on creating content until I don't feel that passion anymore. Thankfully that's not going to happen any time soon.

Topshop boutique silk blouse, blogging with a full time job, northern magpie, joey taylor 7

Hopefully, these insights into how I run my blog were interesting. If you run a blog and work full time, how do you keep on top of things? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Joey x

P.S. This top is a silky dream and goes perfectly with my vintage jeans. Styling tip for summer, tie necks are very much in!




SUNGLASSES - ASOS (alternative ones here)