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Hello guys and welcome back. Starting to feel back to normal after a drunken Saturday night out in Leeds celebrating my friends 30th birthday. We had so much fun, laughing, dancing and generally being very silly when we all get together. We don’t always get the chance to meet up as much as we used to after leaving University. When we do though, it’s straight back into drunken antics and crying with laughter! But my god I swear my hangovers are getting worse as I get older. They last up to two days now and these past two days have been a proper struggle. Who else feels the pain of a hangover?!

After the weekend I’ve thrown myself back into work and have a lovely new outfit today, featuring two trends I really wanted to nail. Even though today is a warm windy day In Manchester I am fully ready for autumnal dressing, starting with this trend led look. I have had a fascination with corduroy for a few years but I didn’t just want any corduroy trousers, I wanted to buy a pair that goes with the tops I already own. This wide leg pair are from & Other Stories and caught my eye as soon as walked in the store. I have been on the look out for corduroy that doesn’t look cheap, I sometimes find when corduroy is on the the paler side of the colour spectrum it can look a little cheap or worn in. Now I know there’s nothing wrong with that, but I am just not that keen on that kind of look. I much prefer strong shades for this trend.

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I actually went on a full spending spree in & Other Stories, they had some awesome things for autumn and I knew they would sell out fast. I’d already missed out on the Topshop black midi heel boots so didn’t wanna miss out on anything else. Yes I am still thinking about those boots, after they sold out two weeks ago! So after spying this animal print mesh top on a few bloggers on Insta I snapped it up straight away. 

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This two tone animal print top has proven to go with so many items in my wardrobe. As well as the navy trousers I also teamed it with a yellow silky midi skirt from Topshop for my night out in Leeds. Proving it can go with anything!! For added shimmer to this look I pulled out my silver metallic boots from storage. These are killer in height, but they take any outfit from a 5 to a 10. Who else is rediscovering their ankle boot collection and giving some love to old pieces?! I don’t wear them loads but when I do I fall love with them all over again. 

Let me know your thoughts on this trend led look and also how your weekend was? 

Joey x

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