zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 1
zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 2

Hey guys, I hope your weeks going well so far. Mines been off to a slow start but it’s all good as it’s my birthday this week! I have a few things planned.. Saturday I’m off to Mackie Major in Manchester for food and drinks with friends, but Joe has a little something planned for my actual birthday on Thursday. Anyway before I get ahead of myself and chat about October, I wanted to bring you my September favourites. 

I’ve seen other bloggers do these kinds of posts before, one post I’ve loved recently is by LA blogger Black Denim Chic and Gemary vlogger video has some beaut favourites that inspired me. It’s good to be nosey and see what people have been buying and loving, so let’s get into mine.


Let’s start with the obvious one which is fashion and what I’ve loved the most. I am never not shopping and I have bought some lovely pieces in September but the items in this outfit are the ones I love the most. On a spare of the moment I purchased this linen Zara dress When it arrived I wasn’t sure but after a few wears I now love it. It has been my go to dress for a day look, especially when paired with these beaut Superga trainers. Which have also come top of shoe favourites because of how versatile, comfy and how bright white they have stayed. Another top purchase this past month has to be this cream cardigan from Marks and Spencer. As you probably can see from the amount of times I’ve featured it with three other dress looks. A late edition to my wardrobe this month are these gold plated wiggly hoop earrings. They have been a great accessorie for wedding guest looks and to go with a jeans and t-shirt outfit. Gold jewellery has been taking over my jewellery box and I’m on the look out for some more unique pieces, so if you know of any independent brands do let me know.

zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 3
zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 4


With the change of seasons I’ve noticed a change in my skin. Dryer on my cheeks and extra oily on my T-zone. So to neutralise the oily parts of my face I’ve gone back to an old routine with products that I know will help my skin. The Body Shop has always been a favourite skin care store, and was the first place I shopped when buying moisturiser and make-up when I was younger. Their products are always gently on my skin while dealing with any blemishes. The range that suits my combination skin is the seaweed collection, with it’s oil-balancing clay mask that clears up any dead skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed. After, I use the oil-control lotion and straight away I notice a big deference between my Nuxe 24 moisturiser which my skin drinks in but The Body Shop Seaweed lotion neutralises out any oily areas. Definitely a winner for the winter months. 

I’ve had a busy September with birthday parties and two weddings and now my birthday around the corner. I’ve been buying a lot more going out clothes and fake tan, including the body blur instant tan by Vita Liberata in shade latte. This instant tan is way better than the instant Rimmer shimmer tan I used to wear back in my Uni days. The mattifying formula blends into the skin seamlessly, no more dodgy streaks and shimmer all over your clothes. If like me you only like to have some skin on show and need instant tan, this product is perfect for just that.

Last in my beauty favourites section is a new discovery, while shopping for food in my local Aldi I saw they had brought out their own version of the YSL click concealer pen. I remember using this product over ten years ago and loving it! So when I saw Aldi had their own version of the concealer I had to try out. Plus at a fraction of the price, this product already made an impression on me. I’m no beauty expert and I rarely ever change up my makeup but this pen is on parr with my NARS concealer and is so much cheaper!

zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 5
zara linen dress, cream cardigan, superga trainers, northern magpie, joey taylor 6


We are slowly buying furniture for our house and I’ve been on the hunt for some unique plants to also fill our house with. I came across the sercet online treasure trove website Trouva. It is full of independent brands and designers with so many unique products, including our new pineapple plant that I’ve named Roy as in Roy Cropper from Coronation Street. We ended up buying him a concrete plant for him to sit in, I’m just hoping I don’t kill him! Another little purchase for the house was an autumnal candle from Home Sense. Now our downstairs is filled with pumpkin pie making our house feel very autumnal.


Finally some other random favourites for this month. Podcasts. As I spend most of my days on my own designing from home I have a whole host of different radio shows, podcasts and books I listen to. But instead of just listing every single one of them I’m just gunna give you my top one for this month. Starting with the return of Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong guy. It was my boyfriend that got me into this podcast. Even though it’s a sports themed podcast, what makes it so good is the chemistry between the three guys. The stories they tell get you hooked and it’s always good to hear an opinion from the opposite sex, as I was listening to mostly girl based podcasts. Honestly give it a listen, they will have you in stitches laughing with some great stories and some real honest opinions about current affairs. 

Ok that’s my September favourites, I have enjoyed looking back and reviewing the fashion and beauty items I bought, seeing if it was worth the money. Let me know in the comments below what you guys have loved in September.

Joey x