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I actually saw this tag on Instagram and saw a few bloggers post three random facts about themselves on their stories. But I thought it would make a good blog post. I did one of these kinds of posts a couple of years ago, but thought it would be a good thing to do again for anyone who's new to following me. 

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EBay queen 

EBay is actually something I have been doing for over 10 years now. It started when I'd booked a holiday to go away with the girls. Knowing it was going to be a party week in the sun, I wanted to kit myself out with lots of new looks for the  week. So I ruthless went through my wardrobe to clear any clutter out and sell it on EBay. Honestly it feels so good to clear out old items you might have only worn once, plus knowing they will go to a home that will love them more than I will, is even better. Since then I've been listing pieces nearly every month. I don't see the point of keeping something that you know you wouldn't wear and the added bonus of course is that you have all this extra money, which can be spent reinvesting back into your wardrobe. I would highly recommend if you need a clear out and some extra cash!

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The weather 

Oh man I love the weather, not just watching to see what weather we have here. I am interested in what the weather is doing around the world and on turn how it effects us in the Uk. One of my favourite weather points to follow are storms. That muggy feeling before a storm is about hit and the air goes really thick and dark clouds start to roll in. All sounds a bit like the world is going to end, but I love watching the storm roll in. I find the whole weather system fascinating especially how the weather affects us, to how the moon controls the seas. Honestly if you ever meet me, start a conversation up about the weather and we will be talking for hours. 

I love Coronation Street

This one cracks people up but I am an avid viewer of Coronation Street. Making time each day that it's on to watch every episode. I bloody love! I actually can't remember a time when I've not watched. From an early age I remember my grandma and my mum watching it, so I think it's just stuck with me. Plus it has that nostalgia feeling to it, making me think of Manchester and how much I miss that manc twang. 

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I can cook but I love to bake instead 

This one comes from my mum, she would always be baking every Saturday and Sunday. Making all sorts of cakes and pastries goodies for the week. She would always give me the chance to get involved with the baking and help her out whenever I could. And it meant I could eat the cake mixture. So when it comes to baking I feel like a natural who can throw ingredients together without measuring. This I think it quite a skill. But cooking on the other hand I find rally hard and measure out everything. I know this is so backward as so many people do the opposite. 

My unhealthy obsession with cheese 🧀 

Talking of food I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese, I would eat it for breakfast with my scrambled eggs, having it in my salad at lunch and sprinkle it on my dinner if I could. I love cheese that much that people have bought me cheese for Christmas and birthday presents. A perfect Friday night in, would be a cheese board plus some Aldi chutney. Chuck a bottle of Malbec and some Blue Planet and I would be a happy girl. 

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Phobia of holes 

Yes, you read that right I have a fear of anything holey. I'm fine with unified holes, like speakers, it's more the holes in plants. Just thinking about makes my skins crawl. It's the fear of what might come out of the holes and if you cut open the plant and find even more smaller holes. Writing it this all down makes me sound like a crazy but it's something I just can not look at. When eating crumpets I have to not think about what's inside. It's honestly the thought of what might be inside and the fact they can keep getting smaller. I might be alone here, but DM if you feel the same then I'll know I'm not alone. 

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading these random fact about me and what makes me tick. Let me know if you like this kind of post? And if you have a random fact you want to share!

Joey x