So today's post is a little different, I thought I would give you guys a city guide from our recent trip to LA. Travelling is something I like to do as often as I can, as I love to explore new surroundings and live like a local in our chosen destination. I have to say this particular holiday was one of my favourite city breaks we have ever done. We covered a lot of ground in the five days we were there but felt we picked well for the time we were there. The key to making the most of your time is making a list of key places you want to visit and marking them out on Google Maps, especially for a sprawling city like Los Angeles.

Let's start with getting around Los Angeles. Now the public transport in this city is pretty rubbish, it's not like New York with the subway or London with the tube. In LA the majority of locals get around by car, so if you feel confident driving around then I would suggest hiring a car. We decided as we were on holiday and I didn't want to be stressed out from driving, we would get Ubers around town or just walk between places. I love walking around a new city as you come across an interesting side street and you start to get your bearings. However LA was so big it is hard to walk around everywhere and you will need to get taxis between certain places.


Where we stayed

For this trip we stayed in the Dream Hollywood hotel, this was really central to getting around town and we didn't have to travel too far in a taxis to get anywhere. Dream is a fairly new hotel with luxe interior downstairs which extends to the rooms and the rooftop pool and bar. One of the key features of this hotel was the rooftop bar which has a stunning view of the city, I would recommend just before sunset coming here to check out the view.

Tip: Don't book breakfast, they have a complimentary 'breakfast to go' bar in reception which includes coffee and pastries. Perfect pre-brunch food.


Where we ate

Before we even landed in LA we already knew were going to be covering a lot of ground, so had already planned out our days for shopping and eating. Both me and Joe are massive foodies so we were super excited to try as many different places as possible. The quality food was amazing and had a similar standard and variety to what you would find in London. We honestly didn't have one bad meal while we were there. So let's get into the yummy bit!

Umami Burger

This was our first stop in LA following a long flight with delays and all we wanted to do was eat and then sleep. It was just around the corner from our hotel and was the perfect first meal for our trip. This place is a chain but certainly does not feel like that. The food tastes delicious, they have a great selection of unique dressed burgers and Jaden Smith recently launched a range of vegan burgers on the menu (very LA!)

Tip: Put this place on your list if you are wanting something quick to eat.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Before our first day of shopping, we headed here for some good coffee and brunch. We visited the Beverly Boulevard cafe where we sat in the window eating our eggs and avocado on toast whilst people watching. This is a great space for chilling and we saw lots of people working away on their laptops.

Tip: Perfect brunch place if you are in a rush, very quick service.

Prime Pizza

This place is a no-frills New York style pizza place, with generously sized slices. I went for a cheese slice with tomato, mozzarella & basil toppings, dead simple but my god it tasted amazing and at $3 a slice you can't go wrong! This place is a great stop off when shopping around Melrose Avenue.

Go Get Em Tiger

A cute little cafe located on Larchmont Blvd, just slightly set back from the road. There is a gorgeous outdoor bit with trees to the front of the cafe, where we sat and ate our food. I had salmon and capers on toast whilst Joe had these amazing soft doughy cookies. We loved them so much we ended up having two in the end! I really loved this place and it was somewhere I felt I could sit for hours relaxing drinking my iced coffee.


This is another great place to eat that so many people had recommended we visit whilst down near Venice Beach and it certainly didn't disappoint. We both ordered different brunch plates and a side of thick cut bacon which we both shared with our food. We sat outside on the terrace soaking in the well needed LA sunshine feeling a little hungover from the night before.

Tip: This place is high on the list of places to eat in LA so arrive early and be prepared to wait for a table, we waited 20mins but at weekends expect to wait up to 1 hour at busy times.


We stopped off at one of the Eggslut's (they have a few locations in LA) down near Venice Beach after visiting the beach and the local skate park. This is high on my places to visit as eggs are one of my favourite foods to eat. We ordered the Fairfax scrambled eggs with cheese, caramelized onions in a brioche bun. OMG, this tasted incredible, I would highly recommend this place for a quick pit stop while out in the day. They also have a stall at Grand Central Market but have been told this gets very busy in the morning!

Grand Central Market

For me, this place was a highlight of the whole trip. The market which is situated in DTLA area and has a variety of different food trucks and bars in which you can order different food from. We started with fish tacos from La Tostaderia, then moved onto a vegan ramen from Ramen Hood, which was in the top three foods we had eaten all week. To finish we had BBQ meats from Horse Thief BBQ. All of them were so tasty and it was great being able to sample loads of different foods in one place.

Tip: We got to the market for 9 pm. I would recommend getting there from 5 pm onwards to experience even more of the food.

Leo's Taco Truck

This was the number one food place we visited all trip and one Joe was particularly excited about visiting. LA is known for its love of tacos and this place is often rated number 1 by locals. So simple but so bloody tasty! Leo's Taco Truck was set up on the side of the road next to a gas station just off La Brea Avenue. When we turned up at midnight there was a queue of about 10-15 people waiting to order and tables set up where people were eating the tacos they had ordered. Tacos were $1.25 each which is a bargain and they were so good!

Tip: Order the pork and pineapple to watch them carve the meat and slash the pineapple.

This was such a fun-filled food holiday and I hope that if you are ever in LA you enjoy visiting one of the recommendations above!

Joey x


Holidays are one of the sweet things about having to work, just the thought of taking two weeks off gets me into the holiday vibe and actually switching off from work. This year we decided to book a holiday for relaxing time in the sun after stomping around Glastonbury for a week. Best idea ever! One of our favourite places that we know quite well and love very much is Ibiza. However this time around we wouldn't be partying as much, instead we wanted to explore the island and eat lots of tasty tapas. It's now over two weeks since we flew out to Ibiza and I'm still thinking about all the amazing food we ate. I thought I would share where we visited and give you some tips on where to go if you are heading to the white isle this summer.


Situated between our villa in Jesus near Ibiza Town and Cala Sant Vincent we discovered this lovely little restaurant in San Carlos. When we found this place I thought we were actually north of the island, turns out it's east of the island! Anyway we discovered this place driving past it and round a very sharp corner on a little exploration of the island with our friends, so on the way back down we decided to stop off as it looked busy for such a small place at 3pm in the afternoon. We only had a bowl of olives, aioli and bread but it went down a treat with the big jug of sangria.

Tip: sit outside by the side of the road for the sunshine.  

La Bodega

After talking about how much we were all craving tapas, we decided Friday night was tapas time at La Bodega. If you google this place it comes up in the top five restaurants to visit in Ibiza Town and it doesn't disappoint. We came here two years ago for my 30th birthday with 10 of my friends and had the best 'last meal of the holiday', if that's a thing?! This time around there was just four of us but I'm sure we ordered the same amount and as we were so hungry we did the amateurish thing of ordering it all at once.. Plates were coming out faster than we could eat the food! If you ever eat here, order a couple of dishes at one time and savour the food, unlike us very hungry people wolfing it down to fit more plates on our little table! FYI every person that we have recommend this place has had the best food here

Tip: Book to avoid disappointment and order the salmon or beef carpaccio - delicious!

Pikes Hotel

Ok so we couldn't go to Ibiza and not party just a little bit. This time it wasn't about the super clubs, we were looking for more of a relaxed and intimate setting. Pikes Hotel was just that! We got there a little early before the restaurant entertainment had ended so sat outside on the beds in the garden sipping on some lovely gin and tonic while enjoying the quirky exterior. The main room holds about 150 people so it's definitely a world away from the super clubs but the music and vibe was perfect! Expect plenty of funky disco & house music from the likes of Artwork, Leon Vynehall & DJ Harvey.

Tip: check out the website to see which residencies they have on - the parties are FREE! You can also eat here but it can get a little pricey.

La Granja

After the partying, it was straight back to filling our faces with amazing food and wine. This last afternoon in Ibiza was spent up in the hills in a recently renovated farmhouse called La Granja. They grow their own fruit and vegetables and even have their very own donkey and pig! The whole place has a very bohemian vibe with a slick modern twist, with soft cream wooden furniture and old brickwork showing throughout. The interior and poolside was amazing and something else but the food was the highlight of visiting this place. We only had the choice of fish, meat or vegetarian when booking our table but they certainly didn't disappoint. Fresh gazpacho, carrot & beetroot hummus and salads to start. Steak cooked on a mini BBQ on the table and a huge local fish perfectly cooked!

Tip: This was on the pricey side but it is worth every penny for the three-course meal. If you are looking for an experience and a perfect ending to your holiday then La Granja is a perfect way to leave.


This place has been highly recommended by the couple we travelled with this holiday. The bar is the perfect place to sit out on massive bean bags and watch the world go by. We ended up sitting on the hill until 1.30 in the morning drinking sangria, bloody lovely!

Tip: If you are staying near Ibiza town, this is a great bar for pre meal or pre-drinks before your night out.

La Torre

For anyone who has been to Ibiza before you know the sunset is a lovely thing to watch over dinner or pre-drinks at Cafe Mambo, but if you want to take it up a notch La Torre has a gorgeous setting up on the top of rocks. You get a perfect view of the horizon whilst listening to some chilled music watching the sun is setting. This place had the best sangria we tried in Ibiza!!

Hope you guys liked this different post, I really enjoyed exploring a different side to Ibiza and sharing my findings with you guys. Please let me know if you like this kind of post and if you have been to any of these places or planning on going.

Joey x





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The month of July was a busy one for me involving lots of travelling and holidays. The first stop was Barcelona, I have featured a few of my outfits I wore on my blog. Barcelona is such a creative place and you can easily soak up all the Spanish culture. I have a few more trips to share with you guys but here is what happened in Barcelona through my Insta-eyes! 

Joey x

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I have just arrived back from an amazing three days in Berlin, which is one of my favourite cities in Europe. It was the second time visiting the city and this time me & my boyfriend went with 9 of our friends. It was exciting to go with people who had never been before and to show them around the tourist parts and other cool areas of Berlin.

The Reichstag building was a definite highlight which we took a tour up into the impressive glass dome to its peak where you can look out across the city at the impressive views.

We stayed at the Michelberger Hotel, which was perfect for our large group as the rooms were spacious and had a school trip feel to them with bunk beds - which made it feel like a massive sleep over for us. Our room over looked the court yard in the middle of the hotel, which you could see the grass roof top and the pretty fairy lights.

The attention to detail at this hotel was amazing - it was a boutique hotel and had a creative feel about the place, from the chalk board near the front desk that had a massive drawing of Bruce Lee to the huge paper lamp shades in the lobby. The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and felt like you were visiting a friend's house, not staying at a hotel. I would definitely recommend anyone going to Berlin to stay here!

* plus even the website is cool →  Michelberger Hotel

Obviously we couldn't go to Berlin and not try and get into the famous techno club Berghain. It is renowned for being one the hardest clubs in the world to get into so it was a long shot to try and get all 11 of us!  Thanks to my boyfriend knowing basic German the 2 of us managed to get in, unfortunately we were the only ones in our group who were lucky. It is an amazing place and I loved the fact that everywhere in there is free to express themselves in which ever way they wanted to. There were some amazing outfits & some very interesting sights in there but unfortunately a strictly 'No Photos!' rule.

Sorry for the couple of photos of me and Joe stuffing our faces, but we had some gorgeous food from street vendors in the Kreuzberg area. The kebab Joe is munching down on is from  Mustafas Gemüse Kebap, where we queued for 45 minutes for the ''best in Berlin'' kebab, in that time I actually had a pizza and then had a kebab straight after (not sorry!). The wait was definitely worth it; the kebab was full of delicious fresh chicken, tasty roasted vegetables and yummy sauces all wrapped up at a very cheap price. Completely different to any kebab you'd get in the UK!

* check out the website →  Mustafas Gemüse Kebap

Hope you guys like my mini review of Berlin - would love to know your thoughts if you have been before or you would love to visit.